Commit 2eb13f49 authored by Ali Allaoui's avatar Ali Allaoui

add FMp pyo object

parent e9aba53a
from pyo import *
class FMp(PyoObject):
def __init__(self, carrier_frequency=440, modulation_freq=0.5, modulation_index=100, mul=1, add=0):
# Properly initialize PyoObject's basic attributes
PyoObject.__init__(self, mul, add)
# Keep references of all raw arguments
self._carrier_freq = carrier_frequency
self._modulation_freq = modulation_freq
self._modulation_index = modulation_index
# Apply processing
self._modulator = Sine(freq=self._modulation_freq, mul=self._modulation_index, add=self._carrier_freq)
self._carrier = Sine(freq=self._modulator)
# self._base_objs is the audio output seen by the outside world!
self._base_objs = self._carrier.getBaseObjects()
def setCarrierFreq(self, x):
print("set carrier freq")
self._carrier_freq = x
self._modulator.add = x
def setModulationFreq(self, x):
print("set modulation freq")
self._modulation_freq = x
self._modulator.freq = x
def setModulationIndex(self, x):
print("set modulation index")
self._modulation_index = x
self._modulator.mul = x
@property # getter
def carrier_freq(self):
"""PyoObject. Input signal to process."""
return self._carrier_freq
@carrier_freq.setter # setter
def carrier_freq(self, x):
def modulation_freq(self):
"""float or PyoObject. Frequency of the modulator."""
return self._modulation_freq
def modulation_freq(self, x):
def modulation_index(self):
"""float or PyoObject. Frequency of the modulator."""
return self._modulation_index
def modulation_index(self, x):
def play(self, dur=0, delay=0):, delay)
return, dur, delay)
def stop(self, wait=0):
return PyoObject.stop(self, wait)
def out(self, chnl=0, inc=1, dur=0, delay=0):, delay)
return PyoObject.out(self, chnl, inc, dur, delay)
import datetime
import shutil
from pyo import *
from .fm import *
import json
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